Pure Natural Avocado Oil Increase Skin Elasticity Promote Hair Growth

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  • Avocado oil, squeeze fruit extracted from dry method, base oil is a very high nutritional value. Moisture of the oil characteristics, very suitable for dry
  • Skin use. Not recommended for use alone, can use mixed ratio of 10~50% and jojoba oil. Especially the extremely dry skin, because of
  • Contains more than the eggs of vitamin D, suitable for dry, fragile, sun, swelling of the skin, increase skin elasticity, water loss and lack of elastic muscle
  • Skin, promote hair growth.
  • Aroma: medium bodied, with some sense of oil, sweet taste and taste of fruit.
  • Ingredients: minerals, minerals, protein, vitamin A, B, B2, D, E and lecithin.
  • Characteristics: sweet fruit aroma, with some sense of oil and fruit. The heavier, the color is green, is not suitable for use alone
  • Summary: its nutrition high degree, from the dry fruit press avocado oil, nutrient rich, heavy texture, belonging to the penetration depth of base oil
  • Send oil in South and Central America of the Inca civilization period, local people that it is rich in nutrition, is one of the main food for them. Avocado oil
  • Suitable for dry skin, sensitivity, water shortage, eczema skin. In the face of the use, it can do clean milk, deep cleansing effect
  • Well, the The new supersedes the old. dilute spots, eliminate wrinkles, have very good effect
  • Avocado oil is rich in Vit.A.E and C is derived from the avocado nuclear extraction, can effectively improve the skin from dryness and aging, suitable for neutral and dry
  • Skin and mixed partial dry skin. Avocado oil can be added 10% in base oil to enhance the skin absorption effect of essential oils, is a
  • Very good natural antioxidant. Avocado oil contains unsaturated fatty acids, can reduce cholesterol, dredge the blockage of blood vessels and prevent heart
  • Efficacy of disease and hypertension. Our daily diet contains too much fat, cholesterol and sodium salt, which greatly increases the middle-aged people.
  • People suffering from heart disease, vascular disease. In addition, avocado oil also contains a lot of vitamin E, Hamamelis and lecithin can help the skin to increase
  • Resistance, moisture, moisture, easy to penetrate, with anti aging effect. Sweet fruit, with a bit of oil and fruit flavor, taste more important,
  • A deep green; rich in essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, carotenoids and minerals, very nourishing and easy to penetrate.
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